Commission on Assisted Dying

The Commission on  Assisted  Dying was launched 30/11/10 by Former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State, Lord Falconer.

– This is ‘an exciting development in our campaign to change the law on assisted dying’ says Emily Halsall, Membership & Communications Officer, Dignity in Dying .

The Commission, which is to be facilitated by the independent think tank, Demos, will consider what system, if any, should exist to allow people to be assisted to die and whether any changes in the law should be introduced.

‘Dignity in Dying helped to facilitate the creation of the Commission, and secured its funding although beyond this it has played no role and the Commission, including the Chair, Commissioners and Secretariat are independent of Dignity in Dying.’

You can comment on this story on Facebook, or read and comment on stories on the Dignity in Dying blog (see ‘links’) – or write one of your own.

On the launch of the Commission, Dignity in Dying’s Chief Executive Sarah Wootton said:  “It is important that serious minds from different disciplines and perspectives give thought to the mechanisms of an assisted dying law; one of the most important social issues of our time.  No one wants people to suffer unnecessarily and against their wishes at the end of their lives, and of equal importance, no one wants potentially vulnerable people to be at risk of harm under new legislation.  The Commission provides an historic opportunity to resolve these issues once and for all.”

The Commission will run from 30 November 2010 to September 2011, ending with a report in October 2011.


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