San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Poster

‘NSAID analgesic Ketorolac used peri-operatively may suppress early breast cancer relapse – something for nothing?’

(M Retsky, F Rogers, R De Micheli, W Hrushesky, I Gukas, JS Vaidya, M Baum, P Forget, M De Kock, K Pachmann.)

Poster presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium January 2012 discusses ‘surgery and the inflammatory response initiated by tissue damage, intensified by mast cells, which release histamines, which then markedly increase the permeability of adjacent capillaries. The severity, timing and local character of any partial inflammation response depended on the cause, locality and site of the area affected and host’s condition.’

‘Inflammatory oncotaxis, a term used to describe tumour growth at a site of inflammation, is occasionally seen in persons with known or occult cancer and who have local trauma.’

‘Martins-Green et al found that when newly hatched chicks are given injections of Rous Sarcoma virus, a tumour develops only at the site of injection unless a wound is made a distance away from the primary tumour when a tumour develops a the site of the wounding. They found that when inflammation was inhibited, tumours were also inhibited, when inflammation could not be stopped, tumours developed as before.’

Their poster authors’ conclusions included, ‘that most relapses occurring within 1-4 years may be induced by the effects of breast cancer surgery’.


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