More research showing facts about breast screening

The evidence against breast screening continues to flow in:

Trends in incidence and detection of advanced

breast cancer at biennial screening

mammography in The Netherlands: a population

based study

Joost Nederend1*, Lucien EM Duijm1, Adri C Voogd2,3, Johanna H Groenewoud4, Frits H Jansen1 and

Marieke WJ Louwman

Conclusion: We observed no decline in the risk of advanced breast cancer during 12 years of biennial screening

mammography. The majority of these cancers could not have been prevented through earlier detection at



summing up:

Screening has not delivered on its promises. The risk of

being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer today is the

same as before screening, which is why screening has not

reduced breast cancer mortality [5,6] or mastectomy use

[7]. However, the risk of being diagnosed with breast

cancer has increased by 50% in the screened age group

due to overdiagnosis [9], with severe consequences for

those who experience it. Screening for breast cancer has

turned out to be very complex and hard to justify.


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Mammography Screening and Breast Cancer

Mortality in Sweden

P. Autier, A. Koechlin, M. Smans, L. Vatten, M. Boniol

Conclusion County-specific mortality statistics in Sweden are consistent with studies that have reported limited or no impact

of screening on mortality from breast cancer.


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