Screening, research: what we all need to know

The Patient Paradox– why sexed up medicine is bad for your health. Margaret McCartney, a GP who wants to treat ill people, not turn well people into patients. Discusses risks and benefits of screening programmes, use of statins etc. Pinter and Martin, 2012.

Sense about Science, Making Sense of Screening

`Testing treatments: better research for better healthcare`(2) (Imogen Evans, Hazel Thornton, Iain Chalmers) – reprint by Pinter and Martin 2010 – or download it from the James Lind Library website ( in company with the 130,000-plus who have already done so, to find out how we can all contribute to doing better research.

Michael Baum`s `Breast beating. A personal odyssey in the quest for an understanding of breast cancer the meaning of life and other easy questions` (Anshan, 2010) to see how he and others he has worked with have (and are) working to improve the lot of women with the disease.

`Screening. Evidence and Practice`, Angela Raffle, Muir Gray, Oxford University Press 2007, to learn about the history of screening, what it is and what it not, and what screening does, etc.

`Know your chances. Understanding Health Statistics` (California Press 2009?) by Steven Woloshin, Lisa Schwarz and Gilbert Welch – to help people better understand what all the `numbers` mean in order to make better shared decisions.

‘Mammography Screening: truth, lies and controversy’. by Peter C Gøtzsche, Professor, Director, MD, DrMedSci, MSc, Nordic Cochrane Centre, Copenhagen Radcliffe Publishing, 2012 – what happens when research findings are not acceptable to policy makers and others with vested interests – gives examples at the heart of the breast screening controversy.


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