Rich reading from rapid responses

A recent rapid response to Professor Michael Baum’s bmj article ‘Harms from breast cancer screening outweigh benefits if death caused by treatment is included’ ( by Owen P Dempsey GP (Manchester Metropolitan University) – is an interesting and original approach which exposes much of what is wrong with the push for screening to continue and flags up ‘compelling contradictions in the discourse of the UKBCSP’.

Following Professor Sir Mike Richards’ comments that most UK ‘experts’ didn’t ‘trust’ the findings of the Nordic Cochrane review by Gotzsche et al, ‘such comments have remained unsubstantiated by any published evidence according to McPherson who alleges he was quietly told to cease asking for citations to support these claims by the mysterious UK experts. But, and here is the first puzzle, why would the Cochrane review not be ‘trusted’, and why would there be calls for a UK government and breast cancer charity sponsored so-called ‘independent’ review when a Cochrane review had just been published?

Concepts such as ‘trust’ and ‘something going on behind the scenes’ seem to appear here, perhaps something ’sinister’ to use Greenhalgh’s word…’

See also responses to Benefits of cancer screening take years to appreciate, J Patnick


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