An end to the Liverpool Care Pathway

So the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is to be discontinued (…/review-of-liverpool-care-pathway-for-dying-patients) and patients are to have individual end of life care plans. That’s a good thing – but why phase out the LCP – why not discontinue it from today? Dying patients who were put on it were left without food, water, medication or care. The original intentions were good – but apparently some staff ‘did not understand’ how to implement it properly. The suffering endured by those patients not only exposed lack of compassion but sheer cold-blooded callousness on the part of some doctors and nurses. Relatives were not included in the decision to use the LCP and were even prevented from alleviating their loved ones’ suffering – dying of thirst with swollen tongues and cracked lips. In any other walk of life what word would be used to describe such staff actions – and what penalties would apply? What does it say about healthcare staff, that they could do such things? Will anyone be examining what affected their attitudes? These people surely began their careers as caring individuals. And that there was actually a financial incentive for trusts putting patients on the pathway beggars belief. Another bonus was that it helped free up beds. Who can have any trust in the nhs after so many scandals. I can only hope grows in influence.


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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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3 Responses to An end to the Liverpool Care Pathway

  1. Mark says:

    Yes, the Neuberger Review (here ) was a whitewash…and states that there was evidence that diamorphine and benzodiazepines PROLONG LIFE ! That is how odd the entire event has been…black passed off as white. Shipman deserves a massive apology, and as for Adolf Hitler’s Aktion T4??Well, following the logic of the Neuberger panel…. ‘Great pathway…just badly implemented’ it seems….

  2. Mark says:

    ..not a single mention of treatable, non terminally ill people at all!

    • bmitzi says:

      Yes – I wonder how many might have recovered had they not been put on the LCP – ie starved and dehydrated to death. And add those to the 13000 unnecessary nhs deaths admitted to in today’s report by Sir Bruce Keogh.

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