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The Friends and Family test Results were published on 30th July and can be
found by following this link
It shows great variety in the quality of care.
The only friend and family feedback I trust comes direct from source – and day after day I hear of lack of access to services or experiences of poor care. Today someone told me they’d had a good experience of hospital care – but it’s the first positive tale among many- I’m hearing horror stories almost daily now. The same person also told me her granddaughter could not access very necessary treatment and in the end they had to pay. Like so many more.
According to a study in the bmj, most nurses ration care and are unable to complete tasks. They report that care is frequently left undone.
This paper concludes that ‘care not being delivered may be the reason low nurse staffing levels adversely affects quality and safety’. Isn’t this common sense? Do we have to wait until surveys show explicit patient harm before hospitals get adequate nursing staff? Use of a nurse-rated assessment of ‘missed care’ is suggested as an early warning measure to identify wards with inadequate nurse staffing.
Care left undone during nursing shifts: association with workload and perceived quality of care. Jane E Ball, Trevor Murrells, Anne Marie Rafferty, Elizabeth Morrow, Peter Griffiths. Bmj Qual Saf doi: 10.1135/bmjqs-2012-001767
See also NHS and social care workforce: meeting our needs now and in the future?.
Unnecessary testing and screening are areas which waste much nhs money and have the potential to cause much patient harm and little benefit. A retrospective study in JAMA Internal Medicine of 535 consecutive tests found that only 1 in 3 resulted in an active change in care.
According to a leaked memo reported in the Guardian, the pharmaceutical industry trade bodies plan to mobilise patient groups in the debate on clinical trial transparency, beginning with “mobilising patient groups to express concern about the risk to public health by non-scientific re-use of data. Since there is now the possibility of really significant developments to end the secrecy and make clinical trial reporting a practical reality with some sound commitments from parts of industry, this strategy to get others to raise further spurious problems should embarrass anyone associated with it.
If you would like information on how to get involved in the hospitals inspection programme with Mike Richards and his team, please follow the link below. (It’s what we in the Community Health Council did in the nineties, before the CHC was abolished! – but hopefully this time there will be unannounced visits and the organisation will have more teeth).

This opportunity is aimed at Service Users and Health Professionals so please disseminate as widely as possible

Applications will go through a recruitment process. Successful candidates will be assessed and trained over the coming months and will join our existing panel of clinicians and Experts by Experience (members of the public with experience of care).


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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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3 Responses to Links to various news items

  1. Mitzi

    I see you are also sceptical at results of F & Fs survey. Earlier this year about 40 of us were invited to a meeting at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to talk about the way forward. We were handed postcards (prototype of F & F survey) and asked to fill them in as we had recently had treatment there. Myself and another patient raised concerns; rest just looked bemused.

    After meeting was over, `i had to return to room. All the postcards had been collected, EXCEPT mine and other patient’s who had raised concerns. Now see today that this hospital has 92% satisfaction rating!


    • bmitzi says:

      Why does that not surprise me! It’s well known that hospitals have fudged figures in the past – why not today. Fertile ground an investigative journalist. Let’s hope Mike Richards’ new organisation for inspecting hospitals does what it needs to do.
      As for the unnecessary testing and screening – and all the latest ‘invitation to your surgery for a health check’ – I stood behind someone applying to join my surgery and she was told ‘and we’d like you to book a health check with the nurse’ – so if they don’t get compliance one way, they get it another. Of course they are paid for these checks and if you don’t meet the ‘normal ranges’ for BP, cholesterol etc you’ll find yourself on medication – despite all the known side effects and harms eg diabetes. Anyone doubting this, please take a look at GP Margaret McCartney’s excellent book ‘The Patient Paradox, why sexed up medicine is bad for your health’.

  2. bmitzi says:

    Sorry – should have written ‘fertile ground FOR an investigative journalist-

    It’s a good job the bmj is focussing on the issue of unnecessary testing – and who decides what are the ‘normal ranges’ – and that there is not consensus on these – and so much is now blindly done ‘according to guidelines’ – without a thought if it is right for the individual person – but how correct and up to date are the guidelines…

    This week I’ve heard of two people who have been left with severe impairment after hospital treatment – one treated by a locum and the other left almost blind in one eye, by someone learning a surgical technique. So were they supervised – and at close quarters..? Two more who are terrified of every having to go into hospital again.

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