NHS Changeday initiative wins the Harvard Biz and McKinsey global leadership competition

‘Biggest ever day of collective action to improve healthcare that started with a tweet’
By Helen Bevan
Co-Authored By Damian Roland, Jackie Lynton, Pollyanna Jones, Joe McCrea

‘Around 10% of the patients who use NHS services are harmed by the NHS. Healthcare systems around the world that monitor patient harm report similar or higher figures. We want every person who works for and with the NHS to be a dissenter, willing to challenge the status quo: systems, processes and cultures that lead to poor care. This isn’t just about speaking up when bad things happen (which is very important) but about taking action in our own spheres of influence to make improvements for patients every day. NHS Change Day has built the foundations for a movement of “dissenters”; those who support the patient-focussed mission of the NHS and who are willing to go the extra mile, individually and collectively, to challenge existing arrangements and help create some “new truths” for the NHS.’


‘I am delighted that this will be an opportunity to promote the RCPsych compassionate resources as part of my NHS Changday pledge – the U Can Cope pledge’ says Dr Alys Cole-King


Incidentally this was also the most supported pledge.

‘Please join us and sign up to follow the 2013 Connecting with People Tackling Stigma World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) campaign’
Via Twitter @ UcanCope or @AlysColeKing
Via the Connecting with People website: http://www.connectingwithpeople.org/
Follow the CwP blog: http://www.connectingwithpeople.org/Blogroll


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