Stakeholder positions and media coverage of new breast screening research

A Critical Public Health Paper published 6 months ago sought to explore the positions on breast screening adopted by a range of stakeholders and the media coverage of the debate against the backdrop of new research evidence suggesting breast screening causes avoidable harms and that women were not being given enough information to make informed decisions.
‘Stakeholders’ positions in the breast screening debate, and media coverage of the debate: a qualitative study’. DOI: 10.1080/09581596.2013.788787
Jian Ying Chen, Helen Eborall, Natalie Armstrong.

‘There was a tendency for newspapers to cover the screening debate in an oblique way …mostly with positive accounts of women who believed they had benefited from screening and supported the programme. Engagement with the debate in terms of discussion of the criticisms of the programme was lacking. The debate about breast cancer screening, and the increasing focus on its potential harms, received less coverage in the popular media than might have been expected.’ Interested stakeholder groups publicly available information about their positions on the relative value of screening ‘tended to focus on emphasising the potential benefits and less on the possible harms’.


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