Breast screening harms; patient-relevant clinical trial outcomes; fats and statins,

Evaluation of What Physicians Tell Their Patients About Screening Harms
Odette Wegwarth, PhD; Gerd Gigerenzer,PhD 21 October, 2013.
(- interesting that women who are overdiagnosed and treated unnecessarily are referred to as ‘patients’, when they are simply people, members of the public, who will have become patients by attending screening.)

See also the accompanying Commentary


Completeness of Reporting of Patient-Relevant Clinical Trial Outcomes: Comparison of Unpublished Clinical Study Reports with Publicly Available Data
Beate Wieseler, Natalia Wolfram, Natalie McGauran, Michaela F. Kerekes, Volker Vervölgyi, Petra Kohlepp, Marloes Kamphuis, Ulrich Grouven
compares data on patient-related outcomes such as relief of symptoms or adverse effects in Clinical Study Reports with publications and registry reports.
See also Editors Summary and comments re types of bias and consequential threat to informed clinical decision-making


Saturated fat is not the major issue

BMJ 2013;347:f6340 (Published 22 October 2013)
Aseem Malhotra
Information on diet, fats, and statins.


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