Invitation to become a BMJ reviewer

“The British Medical Journal is committed to furthering partnership between doctors and patients and getting the patient’s voice into the journal (  To help do this we are building a database of patients and patient advocates willing to review and comment on submitted papers; and on occasions consider writing short perspectives for us. We will be asking patient reviewers for their opinion on the importance and relevance of selected research, debate and educational papers.

Information about the BMJ’s current peer review processes is at and we will soon add specific guidance for Patient reviewers.  We are also aiming to put all peer reviewers’ signed comments on research papers (which are already freely available) online during 2014, so that the complete archive is freely available to all. All reviewers are asked to provide their opinions within two weeks of being sent a paper. When and whether reviewers get sent papers depends entirely on what papers are submitted to us.

In thanks for their expert help all reviewers get a year’s free online subscription to (the online BMJ). They can opt to pass this on if they already have access to the journal. If you would like to contribute to our endeavour please follow the attached guidance on how to register as a Patient reviewer.”


About bmitzi

Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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