Bringing an end to mandatory breast cancer screening in Uruguay

Further to my earlier post – (In March 2013, there was a news item in the BMJ by Sophie Arie about a 52 year old state sector computer engineer in Uruguay, known as `AR`, who had challenged state policy that biennial screening for breast cancer should be part of the regular, state funded health checks which female employees must complete to get the “health card” that all workers need.)

This is surely against human rights, more especially since we now know women who participate in breast cancer screening are three times more likely to be harmed than to benefit (and even that benefit is possibly nil) – Marmot Report – and hence the current Parliamentary investigation into screening programmes.

please see this letter of response:

AR is taking vigorous action not only to pursue her own case, but also to raise awareness in the general public in Uruguay and has mounted a petition:


Please share and sign if you feel able to.


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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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