News from the Rarer Cancers Foundation

The Rarer Cancer Foundation (which campaigns on behalf of people with less common and rarer cancers) has major concerns that value-based pricing has stalled and that NICE’s Value-Based Assessment process will completely fail to address the Health Technology Assessment problems which have resulted in many clinically effective cancer drugs being rejected.

They have calculated that if the end of life criteria had not been in place an additional 12 cancer treatments would have been rejected by NICE. The Department of Health¹s own figures show that up to 12,841 patients a year would have been denied the opportunity of treatment had this been the case.

Their concerns have been reported by:
The Telegraph front page: “Fears thousands could be denied life-extending drugs: New NHS rationing plan could mean more dying patients are denied life-extending medicines, charities fear”

The Mail page 4: “Thousands of elderly cancer victims could be denied drugs: New NICE rules set to downgrade treatment for terminally ill: campaigners say almost 13,000 might be denied life-prolonging drugs. Plans amount to a ‘stealth cut’ in cancer care, it is claimed”

The Times page 6: “watchdog to put young people first for new medicines”
Press Association: “Changes to drug funding criteria”

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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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