NHS privatisation – not so ‘backdoor’ any more!

Health department approves more than 100 private firms to run NHS services.
BMJ 2013;346:f156


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2 Responses to NHS privatisation – not so ‘backdoor’ any more!

  1. Mitzi

    When privatisation was first mooted I thought this would give us access to some brilliant private care. Reality is that when I had a stroke and needed an MRI, private provider gave me X-rays instead – so I had to go privately to sort out the delay.



  2. bmitzi says:

    Sorry to hear about your stroke, Verite. NHS now being fragmented before our eyes – services cut (eg lymphoedema services, Leeds, now only treat new patients) – and COST paramount, to detriment of patient need. Prostate cancer – men get biopsied, instead of MRI first = inaccurate results. I have two friends with terminal lung cancer – one wrongly treated for heart probs for 6 months, then told terminal lung cancer and was not going to be treated, bed bound/end was near (local hospital) – but family protested so he was given chemo – but they asked if having private insurance would help = ‘OMG yes!’ – patient sent to cancer centre, given different chemo – now up and about, driving car, collecting logs for fire…The other friend also misdiagnosed for many months, finally diagnosed and put on chemo but insufficient monitoring, left vomiting for a week at a time, no quality of life in precious weeks – (same local hospital) -can’t help wondering how different it would have been if she had been able to access the different chemo at the cancer centre…
    Another friend, elderly, suffered multiple osteoporotic fractures, had not been offered DEXA scan – initially told it was probably just a muscular problem – just like my experience with different GP.

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