Deaths attributable to guidelines based on falsified and fictitious data

In BMJ Editor’s Choice this week, Fiona Godlee points out the need for acknowledgement of the numbers of patients who may have died as a result of guidelines that were based on falsified and fictitious data and calls for improved systems in clinical research.

‘Professional failure in clinical research is not uncommon…The aviation profession has led the way in systems to prevent, recognize, study, and learn from professional failures. Clinical medicine is now following the same path. We must develop similar systems for research.”


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2 Responses to Deaths attributable to guidelines based on falsified and fictitious data

  1. Mike says:

    so true in the case of the liverpool care pathway -there was no evidence base whatsoever – apart from ”research” by the people who own the copyright (marie curie plc). There was huge marketing, but no research….lord only knows how many people were killed by being erroneously diagnosed as ‘dying’!
    The four criteria used to diagnose dying were :
    1. bedbound
    2. unable to swallow tablets
    3. only able to take sips of fluids
    4. semi comatose

    …..fits most people who’ve just had a mild stroke they could recover from , doesnt it! And since those drugs kill (diamorphine/midazolam/cyclizine and maybe haloperidol combined in a syringe driver), they died, even if they werent dying!

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