NHS screening programmes (& health checks) – HoC Report

Here’s a taster from the report of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
National Health Screening Third Report of Session 2014–15, published 29 October 2014

On Health Checks : 44. ‘… We agree with the UK NSC Chair and recommend that, in the future, any programme that “looks like” a screening programme, regardless of the label it is given, should be subject to the UK NSC’s evidence review process.’
48 ‘…We therefore recommend that the NHS Health Check programme be scrutinised by the UK National Screening Committee, retrospectively, to ascertain its value.
Re the extension of the NHS Breast Screening Programme:
47 ‘…We therefore recommend that, in the Government Response to this report, a clear statement is made about what has, and has not, already been agreed to regarding the extension of the breast cancer screening programme. We ask that this statement also detail the evidential basis for the Government’s position.’
Re breast cancer screening:
69 ‘…As the independent body with the statutory objective to promote and safeguard the production of official statistics that serve the public good, we recommend that the Office for National Statistics review and validate the statistics presented in NHS screening information materials.’
Re need to define the relationship between Public health England and the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) and ensuring safeguards are in place re the UK NSC’s continuing independence:
95. We recommend that a memorandum of understanding between the UK National Screening Committee and Public Health England is promptly drawn up and placed in the public domain no later than December 2014.
House of Commons Science and Technology Report on Screening, Wednesday 29 October 2014:

and to read responses to this document –
‘HealthWatch responds to the report of the Science and Technology Committee on National Health Screening’:

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