Breast screening – Age extension trial criticized as ‘unethical’

An informative article from The New Scientist:
‘…a growing body of research suggests that screening may do more harm than good, even in those aged 50 to 70, who are most at risk of breast cancer.’ ‘ Yet women invited to breast screening as part of the Age Extension Trial may not even realise they are in a randomised controlled trial.

The main concerns are false positives and overdiagnosis – detecting and treating small cancers that, if left alone, might in fact regress or grow so slowly as to do no harm. So women are having their breasts removed and radio and chemotherapy unnecessarily,

‘Critics say wider breast screening trial ‘unethical’ ‘– Clare Wilson, The New Scientist

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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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