BMJ – a doctor’s unsent suicide note to the GMC

This poignant note shows up what it can be like for a health professional undergoing investigation by the GMC. I cannot help feeling deeply for this doctor and completely understand his sense of injustice and powerlessness because I have ‘been there’.

However, my sense of injustice and powerlessness came when, as a patient, having failed to get acknowledgement of a particular wrongdoing (so that future patients would not suffer) via gentle hospital channels, then reluctantly via a formal complaint process, I realised some things are too big – some people too powerful.

The only recourse then was to write about it (Nothing Personal, disturbing undercurrents in cancer care) – so again, I can empathise with this doctor’s note.

Incidentally, the complaints process was delayed several times and the stress I endured over this prolonged period (after aggressive cancer treatment) would be difficult to describe. To be sure, my career was not on the line, but I was plagued day and night with what I thought of as ‘playback’ and later realised was post traumatic stress, along with guilt that I had not managed to speak out and change things for future patients. And no, of course I didn’t receive trauma psychotherapy help during the ordeal and my health was never enquired about either!

Justice can be elusive whether one is a patient or a doctor.

BMJ 2015;350:h813


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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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