Report shows end of life care is inadequate

Dying without dignity
Investigations by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman into complaints about end of life care.

A report published today by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman shows that many people suffer unnecessarily because they do not get appropriate care and treatment as they approach the end of their lives. The report states that end of life care could be improved for up to 355,000 people a year in England.

The Health Service Ombudsman’s casework showed:

· Poor communication with families losing the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones,
· Poor planning leading to uncoordinated care,
· Inadequate out-of-hours services and
· Poor pain management meaning that people spend their last days in pain when it can be avoided.

To read more please see:,-ombudsman-service-report-finds


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One Response to Report shows end of life care is inadequate

  1. Olivia says:

    The actual report is odd on several levels –
    1. it contains only 12 ‘generic cases’ – no one can check if they’re ‘real cases…and they might not be, because….
    2. the PHSO told the Neuberger review that they had received no complaints about ‘the liverpool care pathway’, but as this FOI Act shows, what they actually meant was they couldnt find any because they had not used a filing system which ensured they were all retrievable using the same keyword searches. (see reply : ) – there may have been thousands, there may have been none.
    The PHSO had at least 12 complaints about murder of non terminally ill pts on the liverpool , but of course, doesnt have a specific filing slot for those, so they are not mentioned in this report 🙂 Macmillan units hear their own complaints ….they always use ‘poor care’ when they mean ‘we murdered to save our time and money’…but the PHSO has no figures whatever about the number of complaints they receive….and the Care Quality Commission didnt even have a set of indicators to assess #eolc with last time we checked!
    and finally….
    3 The people who are said to have ‘helped’ the PHSO compile this report in the acknowledgements section on the last page ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR NHS END OF LIFE CARE SINCE 2004, only since 2013 , they have been given nice cosy well paid jobs with end fo life care associated charities…e.g. Clare Henry was overall Director of NHS EndofLifeCare from 2004-13 – but now works for the National Council for PalliativeCare and the ‘DyingMatters’ coalition at a mind blowing salary. It is like something out of ”Psycho”…the people who wasted £400 milliion since 2004 on building current NHS EOLC care provisions were moved out of the job during the NHSreorganisation – latched onto a job with a charitees, and then starts saying ‘ooh, NHS care is awful , our charity needs more money’…when all the time, they wer the people who designed the #eolc package .
    Not only that, Mrs Neuberger nominated Clare Henry for an MBE in 2013 for ‘Improvements to End of Life Care”…why? If End of LIfe Care is as bad as this report makes out?

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