Major cuts to Cancer Drugs Fund List.

National Cancer Drugs Fund List is cut back:

Last Friday, NHS England announced a series of cuts to the National CDF list. This is what Andrew Wilson, CEO, The Rarer Cancers Foundation reports:
“We have taken a robust line in opposing this and worked extensively with the media on Friday to communicate our position. Our top-lines were:
These cuts represent a hammer blow to patients
Over 5,500 patients could be denied treatment as a result of the cuts, with blood cancer patients particularly affected
Cutting treatments before introducing promised reforms to NICE represents a breach of faith
There is still time to reverse these damaging cuts and we urge the DH, NHS England and manufacturers to work together to prevent them
Following the recent amendment to the PPRS, we urgently need clarity about the future budget for the CDF; a reformed system will only deliver for patients if there is sufficient resource to make available effective new treatments
We provided journalists with estimates of the numbers of patients affect by both cancer type and drug.The breakdown by cancer type is as follows:
Breast cancer–986 patients denied treatment
Bowel cancer–845 patients
Prostate cancer–601 patients
Blood cancer–1,759 patients
Upper gastrointestinal cancer–549 patients
Brain and central nervous system–229 patients
Sarcoma–12 patients
Gynaecological cancer–188 patients
Urological cancer–376 patients
The breakdown by drug is as follows:
Albumin bound paclitaxel–549 patients
Bendamustine – 337
Bevacizumab – 879
Bosutinib – 44
Brentuximab – 204
Cetuximab – 353
Dasatinib – 4
Everolimus – 376
Ibrutinib – 246
Lenalidomide – 244
Panitumumab – 9
Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin – 12
Peptide receptor Radionuclide Therapy to include Lutetium177 Octreotate or Yttrium90 octreotide/ octreotate – 229
Pomalidomide – 680
Radium-223 Dichloride – 601
Trastuzumab Emtansine – 778
My quote on the cuts was as follows:

These cuts will be a hammer blow to many thousands of desperately ill cancer patients and their families.It is deeply disappointing that NHS England has pressed ahead with knee jerk cuts to the CDF before introducing the reforms to NICE that are so urgently required. Ministers told us they wanted to work with charities to develop a solution but now the NHS has announced big reductions in access to existing life-extending treatment, with no action to make available the newest game-changing drugs. This is a complete breach of faith.

There is still time to save access to these drugs and we urge Ministers, the drugs companies and the NHS to do all that they can to strike a deal. There has to be a better way.

We are concerned that these cuts are just the start of even more savage reductions in access to cancer treatment that will be required as a result of the deal struck in secret between the Department of Health and the ABPI which could have the effect of slashing the resources available to the CDF in future years. We want urgent assurances from the Government and the drugs companies that there will be no reduction in the resources available to the CDF until NICE has been reformed and these changes have been proven to deliver improved access to clinically-effective cancer drugs.”
Andrew Wilson | Chief Executive Officer | The Rarer Cancers Foundation | Telephone: 0208 692 2910 | Mobile: 07973118290 |
The Rarer Cancers Foundation: The national voice of rare and less common cancers


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