Breast screening risks – article in Nature

Alexandra Barrett, an epidemiologist at the University of Sydney, Australia, explains her view of breast screening in an article in Nature this month. ‘Because a screening mammogram is a snapshot in time, it is more likely to catch a slow growing cancer’, she writes. ‘Estimates vary, but I’m more likely to be over-diagnosed than to have my life saved — three to ten times more likely’. 1, 2.

This is because mammograms find small changes that would never affect a woman in her lifetime, even though these are called ‘cancers’. However, regular screening is far less likely to find the fast growing, dangerous cancers – which tend to become noticeable between screenings.

Perhaps incredibly, over-diagnosis leads to over-treatment; doctors do not know which of the ‘changes/cancers’ will cause a problem so they tend to treat them all, often with mastectomy. The physical and psychological effects of cancer treatments can be profound (including a lifelong risk of lymphoedema, a fairly common side effect not mentioned in this article) and a ‘cancer’ diagnosis can also label a family.

The Risks of Overdiagnosis, Barrett A. S104, Nature Vol 527, 19 November 2015.

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