Breast cancer – intrabeam use recommended by NICE

After a 3 year delay, NICE has recommended controlled intrabeam radiotherapy use for breast cancer.

Apparently, “There are many advantages for the patient, including immediate delivery of the radiotherapy at the time of surgery and under the same anaesthesia.”

Arnie Purushotham, Cancer Research UK’s senior clinical adviser, welcomed NICE’s decision with the proviso: “Research has shown that, in some patients, there is a higher risk that the cancer may return compared to conventional radiotherapy. – We need to collect more data on all patients to monitor the outcomes of this treatment and ensure that patients are given the facts to make an informed choice on which type of radiotherapy they choose.”

NICE recommends controlled intrabeam use for breast cancer after three year delay. Jacquie Wise. BMJ 2017;356:j725


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