A Valentine contribution for the Creative Writing Group

February 14

‘Thanks’, I say. ‘How sweet! – Cadbury’s Milk Tray’. The annual, unimaginative, unwanted treat.

You: ‘It’s nothing.’

True! But you think it will do… When we were 6 and fell in love, you promised a jewel in exchange for a playground kiss – and gave me your iced diamond biscuit.

But I reminisce…

‘Got to fly’. Happy Valentine’s – important meeting, mustn’t be late…’

Tumbled words

Words that creak

The obligatory peck on the cheek

I smile, and swallow a sigh

Poor Mr Plausible – betrayed by the anticipatory lustful glint in your eye

Go! Meet with your latest legs-up-to-armpits 20-something ‘secretary’. You’ll have sent her out to buy these – you always do.

No tears: I’ve known for years. What’s good for the gander will suit this goose. The red dress awaits, new undies too, bought for another man’s illicit pleasure.

I’m anticipating a day of exhausting leisure!


About bmitzi

Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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