GP Payments

In my rapid response to this BMJ article I should have mentioned GP payments that were given for not referring patients. Does anyone else have the sense that there are also cut-off points for referral, diagnostic investigations or treatments at say age 75? Or above? That’s certainly the impression I’m getting from friends and colleagues.

Prescribing incentives feel grubby because they are. Margaret McCartney. BMJ 2017;357:j2695


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4 Responses to GP Payments

  1. Mitzi

    My local hospital is actually stressing private care; went to Fracture Clinic on Friday, and when I asked Doctor what I could do to regain mobility, he looked me straight in the eyes and asked “do you have private insurance?”

    The whole of the NHS seems to be in meltdown, and recently I have noticed my ‘urgent’ appointments all seem to be for 16 – 17 weeks later – just within time so I can’t complain!


    Verite Reily Collins 020 7584 4555 Journalist and Health Writer

  2. bmitzi says:

    Hi Verite – That’s really shocking! I’ve just received notification that the referral process has begun- following urgent visit toGP end of April!…a month later I had discovered from hospital I was ‘not in their system’ – reminded GP and apology received – it had been ‘forgotten’. A week after notification referral process started, I haven’t yet received the confirmation letter they said would arrive in a couple of days. Am dreading any interaction with hospital – it’s always a needlessly stressful saga. My lymphoedema saga of not getting access to MLD treatment just took another turn – it seems the support garments supplied by hospital no longer available now I am seen in hospice lymphoedema clinic (only because it is nearer home) – just not available on the tariff via GP! WHY NOT? There’s more, of course, but maybe need to write another book…
    An older friend was refused access to tests or referral, despite passing quantity of blood…
    We’re all much less of a burden when we’re dead.

  3. Mitzi, I have just moved from London to Oxfordshire, and three months on have yet to received one appointment to see a consultant on NHS. And in London I had been prescribed weekly hydro – which I had to pay for but cheap as NHS subsidise this. But I haven’t even got an appointment to be assessed to see if I am to be allowed to have this in Oxford. I have been to see Consultants (privately) and they are excellent – but the NHS is turning a blind eye to all its faults and does nothing to even tell us honestly what is going on.

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