Published works and personal writings etc


* Nothing Personal: disturbing undercurrents in cancer care, Radcliffe Publishing Limited, Oxford, May 2008.
Winner, Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Awards, 2009.
Awarded as competition prize, RoyalCollege of Nursing, April 2009.        Hailed ‘a landmark for the patient voice’, Macmillan Cancer Support Exchange, 2008.

Educational tool: referenced discussion sections throughout look at better practice. Patient narrative built around therapeutic poems written at the time of treatment.  


* ‘Therapeutic Eruptions’ in Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts, Editor Gillie Bolton, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007 (extract from ‘Progress in Palliative Care’, 2005). Prose, poetry.

* What Cancer Patients Need’ in Baker MR (ed.) Modernising Cancer Services, Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press; 2002.

*Guest Editor, CancerVoices News, Conference Edition,March 2003, Issue 9 Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Editor, ‘Hot News’, Monthly newsletter, Cancer Concern Support Group, York, 1992-2004. (c90).


* Blennerhassett M. Challenges for primary care in the age of the autonomous patient. Qual Prim Care. 15: 4. 2007 201-6.

* Blennerhassett M.  Clinical Management: Mitzi Blennerhassett on a neglected condition. HSJ 12 January 2006

* Tylko K, Blennerhassett M. How the NHS could better protect the safety of radiotherapy patients.  Health Care Risk Report: 12(9) 2006,18-19. (In Pat Anderson’s (ed.) top 10 reads from the 2006-07 archive.)

* Tylko K, Blennerhassett M. Patients Accelerating Change: radiotherapy safety. Cancer Action Team News2007.

* Blennerhassett M. Opinion & Analysis, Yorkshire Post Newspapers, November 7 2005

* Blennerhassett M. Three Minute Marathon. INVOLVE Report: 4th National Conference ‘People at the Heart of Research’, Department of Health. Poem, INVOLVE12, 2005.

* Blennerhassett M. Therapeutic Eruptions in Progress in Palliative Care, 13(5) 2005 316-317.

* Blennerhassett M. Seen and Heard, in Practice Development in Health Care. 4(2) 108-111, 2005

* Blennerhassett M. Nurse prescribing and resuscitation. Cancerbacup News, Summer 2004.

* Blennerhassett M. The Lay Advisory Committee: Due Praise, Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, 126, 35.

  * Blennerhassett M. Contributions to GP ClinicalPractice Dilemmas: 11 November 2002, 6 January 2003, 24 February 2003, 10 March 2003, 9 April 2003, 16 June 2003, 4 November 2005.

* Blennerhassett M. Palliative Care in the Community. Primary Nursing Care, Journal of the Community & District Nursing Association, 2001

* Blennerhassett M. CancerVoices News 2001

* Blennerhassett M. Cancer Made Me Re-think My Life. Pulse, York Health Services Trust, October 1999.

* British Medical Journal: 1998.  Deadly Charades. 316:1890-91.

* Health Service JournalThe Pain of the Gentle Touch. 5497:25, 11 April 1996.

*  Blennerhassett M. So Why Don’t Cancer Patients Complain? LinkUp, Cancerlink, 1995, 39.

*  Blennerhassett M. Training Doctors: What are your Rights as a Patient? LinkUp, Cancerlink, 1996, 44.

*  Blennerhassett M. Damaged Goods. LinkUp, Cancerlink. Poem 1997, 48

York Forum for Older People Newsheet 2002

Ryedale Forum for Older People Newsheet 2002

Ryedale Voluntary Action News 2001/2

York Council for Voluntary Service News 2001/2

North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations Newsletter


Book Reviews – ‘The Bulletin’, Journal of the Royal College of Pathologists:

July 2012 The Good doctor. Donald Paterson. Radcliffe Publishing.

  February 2012 The Knowledgeable Patient. Communication and Participation in Health, a Cochrane Handbook edited by Sophie Hill.

January 2004 The Doctor’s Tale: professionalism and public trust. Donald Irvine. Radcliffe Medical Press 2003.

January 2003. Skills for Communicating with Patients.

Silverman, J, Kurtz S, Draper J. Radcliffe Medical Press 1998.  

July 2003. Doctors and Patients: an Anthology,

Editor Cecil Helman. Radcliffe Medical Press 2003.)

Current Reviewer for Macmillan Cancer Support and occasionally for RCPathologists.

Former reviewer, CancerBacup Patient information booklets.

Published Letters:

The Lancet 2001

BMJ online numerous rapid response; research article reviews 2014

Student BMJ 1997

Health Service Journal 1996

CancerBacup News 2004

Macmillan CancerVOICES 2004, 2005.

 Media letters: The Times 24 April 2007.

Unpublished papers:

1995 Cancer Services from the User Perspective (circulated to statutory health organisation, North and West Yorkshire).

Use of Personal Poetry in Healthcare:

2004 Blennerhassett M.Vinegar and Brown Paper; reflections of a cancer experience. Used in medical education and to inform stakeholders’ design of new cancer wing, St James’ Hospital, Leeds.  

2006    CD production –music/poetry reading from Vinegar and Brown Paper poems, Redstone M, Blennerhassett M. Sold in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and the Lymphoedema Support Network.


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