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Screening harms: why change is needed

Significant article on PSA screening echoes repeated findings on breast screening mammography, ie plenty of harms, but little effect on mortality. Just as with breast screening, prostate cancer screening is controversial: ‘…potential mortality or quality-of-life benefits may be outweighed by … Continue reading

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The ‘cancer drugs scandal’: decision-making and the need to involve patients at every level

When will there be the level of user involvement in healthcare necessary to ensure patients get the information they need to make the decisions they want? ‘Nothing about us without us’: patients need the opportunity to be included in multidisciplinary … Continue reading

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Diagnostic shades of grey

How many patients (and doctors) are unaware of the range of variability in diagnoses that can derive from the same pathology sample? How much accepted ‘certainty’ is, in fact, ‘uncertain’? Read on, and you may never want to accept a … Continue reading

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