Breast cancer screening – short video explains reality

TIME FOR HONESTY – This short video presents the true picture of breast screening programmes in a very easy to understand format. How shocking that this harmful ‘industry’ is allowed to continue (NHS BSP) and the age limit extended at both ends (due to massive charity pressures on parliament) – and the extension used as ‘the biggest randomissed controlled trial in the world’. How many women realise that – or what they are voluntarily subjecting their bodies to…all without full information or written consent? With GPs being paid to encourage women to attend breast screening…Sisters – spread the word if you value your breasts: Click on the gear wheel below the video for optional language subtitles: (or here’s the direct english link:


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Medical writer, author, artist. Cancer campaigner. Aiming always to improve health services and bring compassion into health care.
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5 Responses to Breast cancer screening – short video explains reality

  1. adawells says:

    Is it really true that GP’s are paid to encourage us to go? I’ve been checking the QOF points schedules and have not been able to find that they get incentive payments for this.

    I have decided not to attend my last two invitations, and at a last GP appointment for an unrelated matter she ignored my reason for my visit and suggested we kick off the consultation with a breast exam. I instinctively felt that my refusal to attend mammograms in the past had been reported to her for immediate action and asked to be removed from her list and put on the list of someone less aggressive about screening.

  2. bmitzi says:

    Certainly in the days of the PCTs I checked this out and was officially told if an area was low on breast screening take up then GPs would be paid to encourage them to attend. I’ve checked this out more recently and it was still the case – but will need to find the relevant link – sorry, need a secretary (as well as a new back!) Will post here once I come across it.

    • adawells says:

      I’m sure you’re right. I’ve heard that GPs are “notified” by some means if you haven’t attended but I’ve not been able to find it in the public domain.

      Just found an old Daily Mail article from 2015 about Sue Warman who refused a mastectomy for DCIS. She says in the article that if some areas were found to have lower cancer diagnoses than others, more cancers have to be “found” to even the rates up. I’ve also read this to be true of cervical screening. If Devon has lower rates of recalls than Norfolk they have to diagnose more women with abnormalities to even out the rates. When will it ever end?

      These screening programmes are frighteningly out of control, yet when I revealed to office colleagues that I had decided against mammograms they were aghast, and couldn’t believe it. The sensible press may print the odd challenging article but it is soon forgotten. Screening has become a religion and it is heresy to say in public that you don’t agree.

      • bmitzi says:

        Some time ago I asked the Department of Health if it was the case that GPs were being paid to encourage women to attend breast screening and they verified this by phone. I recorded the conversation, though it has since been deleted, but I have written about this in an article (somewhere!) – will get back to you if I find it or anything else.

  3. bmitzi says:

    In case anyone has difficulty accessing english translation/subtitles, here’e the link again:

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